Norm Stoehr

Norm StoehrNorm is a negotiation coach, entrepreneurship mentor, and founder of Game Changer Negotiating. He started fifteen ventures in four industries — construction, restaurant, real estate development, and business advisory services. Some succeeded and some did not. For ten years, he was an Adjunct Professor of Entrepreneurship in the MBA Program at Metropolitan State University. Since 1985, he facilitated Inner Circle groups in Minneapolis while building a national franchise, which he harvested in 2008. He earned an MBA from the University of Illinois and a BS degree from Bradley University. His personal interests include golf, cycling, reading, and technology.


For most of us, negotiating is not fun, sexy or a significant part of our culture. Although we negotiate many times throughout the day, we’re not taught how to do it. It’s often perceived as win-lose, with the most competitive among us coming out on top. It’s simply easier to quickly compromise and settle for less.


The workshop teaches you how to prepare before you get to the table. It’s rigorous work, so most people ignore it, which gives those of you who stick with it an advantage. Plus, you learn how to make it fun!