( Names omitted to protect future negotiations! )


“Full of counter-intuitive and paradoxical strategies, your workshop was a game changer for me.” ~Alternative Energy Consultant

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“I was on the phone for almost an hour with a buyer from my big box client, going over the various options I’d prepared for them. I can’t believe it, but price never became an issue!” ~International Product Designer


“I’ve been through lots of sales, business, etc. training, but never anything on negotiating, per se. I now can see the extreme importance of it.” ~Insurance Agency Owner


“I lack the vocabulary to express my gratitude for the valuable information and life skills you have taught me. On a personal level, you have given me such validation for how I conduct myself and make decisions in both my business and personal life! I am so excited to expand and understand skills that I find very natural to me. Feel free to quote me and hold me to my word!” ~EAP Administrator


“The first bid I completed after your class, I used your techniques, remembered my self worth, charged accordingly and was awarded the contract. Thank you very much.” ~Contractor – Read more


“This method of negotiation advances the position of one who is negotiating, but it accomplishes that benefit without exploiting the other side. Instead it gives a buyer more choices and tailors the outcome to exactly what each party wants.” ~Attorney


“Thanks to your workshop, I landed a new client with the options I presented … and the single largest project I’ve ever had with an existing client … plus, I had fun in the process.” ~Ad Agency Owner


“He forced me to think on my feet from the very first phone call! That’s the type of person you want teaching game changer negotiations. He asks the tough questions and gives you some terrific tools for negotiating in any type of situation.” ~Construction Products Manufacturer


“I’m a pretty lazy guy who has gotten away with counter-punching most of my life, thumbing my nose at the hard work of preparation. I shudder to think how much that attitude has cost me over the years!” ~CPA


“One thing I really enjoyed from this morning was getting out of my usual mode and getting into the “owners” mode. I spend too much time in my business and not enough time on my business.” ~Auto Service Owner


“I used to think negotiating was for manipulative business types. Now I know itʼs for all human interaction, and the relationships donʼt have to be sacrificed for the outcomes.” ~Massage Therapist


“It was disconcerting to discover how much I didn’t know about the psychology of negotiating, or worse, “knew wrong”. The tools I gained through the workshop made an immediate change in how I prepared for and performed in a negotiation. One day later I was operating from a different playbook.”  ~Graphic Designer


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